Low-Poly Modelling Screencast!

It’s been a while since I last posted something to Ye Olde Blog, so time to fix that.

A few days ago someone linked to the low-poly work of Kenneth Fejer on Google+ and apart from being awesome it gave me the idea to try and play around with the style. Not only was it low poly work, but the textures had an almost pixel-art appeal to them which I found intriguing.

You see, I’m a programmer most of the time but I do enjoy doing arty things, which some may say is unusual for a programmer, but when you’re making all of this stuff on your own it certainly helps. I don’t think my models are the best by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re certainly passable, but one thing that I’ve always never been satisfied with is my ability to texture them. This is why this pixel-art style appeals to me, because it’s a lot easier (at least for me) to create pixel-art.

Anyway, so I played around and created a few tanks in Blender and The Gimp and posted them as animated GIFs to Twitter and Google+:

People seemed to dig them, some even expressing a desire to see how they were created. So I figured “Hey, I’ve always wanted to do a screencast… I’ll make a tank and record it!”

So basically I recorded making the tank in 3 stages. Modelling, unwrapping the UV texturemap, and actually creating the texture. I wanted to do the whole thing in real-time but the whole process took a little under 3 hours so I won’t subject you to all of that. The Modelling videos are a little under 30 minutes total and the UV unwrapping is about 15 minutes so I’ve only edited those a little. The texture creation took almost 2 hours so I sped that up dramatically in a sort of time-lapse and then narrated over the sped-up video.

The videos are all recorded in 720p so feel free to view them directly in YouTube to get more detail.

Low-Poly Modelling – Making the Model Part 1 of 2


Low-Poly Modelling – Making the Model Part 2 of 2


Low-Poly Modelling – UV Unwrapping


Low-Poly Modelling – Texturing


And this is the final product:

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and weren’t put off too much by my occasional mumbling and/or breathing directly into the goddamned mic!

4 thoughts on “Low-Poly Modelling Screencast!

  1. Matt Rix

    Nice screencasts! I saw those Kenneth Fejer models the other day, and I was thinking of trying the same thing, cool to see that you did it 🙂

  2. Lazrhog

    I am in awe at how fluid you are with Blender. I’m still on an old version of 3ds but thinking of jumping to blender. Love the texture mapping methods. Very cool.

  3. maxrepelz

    hi, i want to ask you. your render setting. i try to make pixel art texture but when i render, the texture not show much pixelated, and its like anti aliased the texture ( i turn off the anti aliasing menu already)

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