Drifter Update: The Poster

I’m really excited to unveil something that I’ve wanted to have for Drifter for a while now. An official poster, done in a retro sci-fi novel cover/movie poster style. It’s been created by the incredibly talented illustrator Steve Courtney, and I can honestly say I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.

I’m making a very (very) limited run of 18″x24″ archival-quality wide-format prints to take with me to GDC 2012 (in less than two weeks!). I’ll have to think of some clever way to distribute them, assuming anyone actually wants one 😉 Chances are you won’t be able to get one of these, however, I have something special in store to announce sometime after GDC which should see them get a wider distribution.

Edit: Steve has blogged about the poster as well.

Anyway, without further ado, here you go:

5 thoughts on “Drifter Update: The Poster

  1. Dave

    Dude, this looks brilliant. It’s got a great Last Starfighter feel to it. Lovely stuff. Top marks to the artist. In fact, I’m heading over to Steve Courtney’s site right now to use my compliment slingshot.

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