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Mini-Rant: Videogames Are Dead, Long Live Videogames!

Business oriented people that mostly care about money have discovered that the videogame industry generates a lot of money. They have embraced this concept with gusto, creating games that effectively amount to nothing more than psychologically engineered treadmills disguised as toys that force game players to pay money to keep playing. This is upsetting to many people, and understandably so. But instead of realizing that this is an inevitable, if unfortunate, evolution in any popular medium quite a few vocal individuals are wringing their hands and shaking their heads, proclaiming that this is surely the death of videogames as we know them.

Frankly, this line of thought is a festering load of dingo’s kidneys. The videogame is a medium, not entirely unlike the motion picture, and just because Michael Bay is releasing Explosions 4: Revenge of Explosions next summer doesn’t mean that Francis Ford Coppola will never be able to direct a movie again in his life.

Yes it kinda sucks, and yes people have a right and even duty to point out that it sucks, why it sucks, and how they think they can make things better, but it’s not going away and neither are the kinds of videogames that helped to define and continue to define this industry. That is unless we stop making them, but whose fault would that be?

Addendum: Just to clarify, there’s nothing inherently wrong with making games as a business (I mean, that’s what I’m trying to do after all) and there’s nothing particularly wrong with the free-to-play business model. Just like everything else in life, this is not a black and white issue. All I’m ranting against here is this idea that videogames are all of a sudden dead because a certain (tiny) subset of the industry is carrying out business in a way that people find questionable.